Try a Lota

Introducing Two
New Chicken Sandwiches

This is the answer to your chicken cravings,
the perfect sandwich for the fowl fans among you:
A Lota chicken from Lotaburger.
How does Lotaburger make a chicken sandwich? 

Great question.

We start with the all-natural, high-quality NAE (no antibiotics ever)
chicken tenders, lightly fry them and add a pillowy gourmet bun. 

The Blake's Chicken Sandwich

This is a classic New Mexican chicken sandwich.

A bed of pickles and a spicy chile-infused Blake’s sauce are the perfect pair.

The Ranch Chicken Sandwich

The crowd-pleasing option. 

Pickled onions bring the tang and a halo

of heavenly ranch satisfies the taste buds.

Try 'Em for $4.79
Try a Lota Tenderness.
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