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November 17, 2018   

Blake’s Lotaburger, long known for its world-famous Green Chile Cheeseburgers, is working directly with Hatch Chile farmers to launch a new and unique chile variety grown and roasted expressly for Blake’s. After eight years in development, Blake’s signature green chile – which relies solely on the chile’s natural heat level and is 100% Hatch grown and roasted – will now be featured on the acclaimed world-famous Green Chile Cheese Lotaburgers and Itsaburgers.

The proprietary line of green chile is being grown, old-fashioned roasted and packaged exclusively for Blake’s Lotaburger by farmers in Hatch, New Mexico – known as the “Chile Capital of the World” and considered the epicenter for the world’s best green chile. Blake’s worked closely with farmers and roasters in Hatch Valley to create and perfect a flame-roasting process using all-natural fire to achieve the perfect level of heat– roasting the chile within a few hours from harvest. The carefully developed and incomparable roasting process enhances the chile’s taste while also maintaining its texture – creating a chile with exceptional flavor and fire. Unlike many other products on the market, the chile’s heat level is all natural, with no capsicum added.

From variety development to seed propagation to harvest to roasting, Blake’s Signature Chile is native to Hatch, New Mexico – and demonstrates Blake’s commitment to providing Hatch Chile-craving customers with the best, exceptionally flavorful and all natural green chile. Working directly with New Mexico farmers to introduce the public to this proprietary Hatch green chile is a dream come true for Blake’s Lotaburger, enabling Blake’s to both support the local farming community and highlight its commitment to its New Mexico heritage.

The new Blake’s Signature Chile is available at all Blake’s Lotaburger locations.

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